One, Two, or Three? What Shall it Be?

My pregnancy hormones must be kicking in full force because my dreams lately have been CRAZY. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this appointment, so obviously it’s been on my mind. A couple nights ago I had one dream that two of the embryos had split and one hadn’t, and that I was pregnant with FIVE babies. The doctor said I needed to reduce and I was horribly sad thinking about having to do that. My next dream I found I was only pregnant with one and I was sad about that too because I apparently wanted multiples. Ironically enough, I didn’t dream that there was NO child, which would truly be the saddest option.I was very happy that my appointment was scheduled for 10 AM this morning. I didn’t want to have to wait any longer. I got the kids ready, one off to school, the other to my neighbor’s home, and the hubs and I set off. (Side note: The office is about 20 min away and I left the house at least two minutes before the hubs (he had to drive to work afterwards) and somehow he arrived at least 1 minute before me. WHAT?! Can we say bat out of hell?!) We arrived on time, but had to wait for a while before the doctor was ready for us. I told the hubs my hands were super clammy from my nerves.

The doctor arrived and started the ultrasound. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking at since there were a few dark circles. After a few seconds he said, “Looks like there’s one,” and almost immediately after getting the fetus centered, I saw a sweet, little, white-light flutter. I can’t even begin to say how happy my heart was at this sight. He joked and said that first time parents often hope for twins, but couples with kids already are usually happy with just one. I was just happy to see a viable, little fetus with a fluttering heart.

Here is a little video of the heartbeat. There was more to the video, but not so sure my ovaries and other measurements are that interesting to anyone else. 😉


After the ultrasound was done, he asked, “So, will I see you guys again?” (Meaning for a future/fourth pregnancy.) We both said we weren’t sure and we’d have to see. We talked with the nurse for a minute about continuing the progesterone and making sure I was set with my medications. I asked if the doctor could come back in for a picture. The hubs joked and said, “Of course you’d want a picture.” I said, “Well! This might be the last time we see him!” He said, “Don’t get my hopes up.” I gave him a punch for that comment. 🙂 He really has been an amazing doctor, and I am so grateful for his expertise, love, and kindness throughout the years.


And here is a final picture of us with a print out of our little tiny lentil bean (about how big it is right now). It always amazes me how many incredible things are happening in such a small being.


I’ve had a few people ask me how I feel about only having one baby. If I’m completely honest, there was a part of me that was ever so slightly disappointed in not have twins (Triplets? Forget about it!). It just seemed like it would be fun (and HARD – don’t get me wrong), and that it would be a perfect completion to our family (especially if we had one boy and one girl). But let’s be honest. Nothing is ever perfect or just as you would want. This is clearly evidenced by our whole (in)fertility journey. And when I really think about it, I know that God knows me and my family. He knows what we can handle, what is best for us, and what spirit(s) to send to us. This little baby could just be the perfect completion to our family! I am so excited for the months ahead. Hearing that heartbeat and seeing a tiny little fetus inside of me just made it all more real. I asked the kids what they are hoping for (a boy or girl) and they both (surprisingly) said a boy. I knew my son was against another sister, but I guess he’s a good enough big brother that my daughter is all for another boy! As for me? I couldn’t be happier, no matter the outcome!

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