Egg Retrieval

As I said in my last post, the hubs and I had to be to the office by 6:30 AM, which meant we had to leave our house by 6:00 AM. Despite attempting to get a good night’s rest, it did not happen. I think part of it was that my mind and body were so anxious for the early appointment. I woke up every hour for the first two hours and then my daughter cried, which made me jump out of bed since she’s been sick with the flu. She went back to sleep and I eventually made it there too. Within 90 minutes, my son came up and asked to sleep with me. After about 30 restless minutes next to him, I told him to go back to bed so we could both get some sleep. Sadly, at that point it was 4:45 and I was wide awake despite the burning feeling in my eyes. So I stayed up until it was time to go.We got to the office and the hubs gave his sperm sample. Then they brought me back to get prepped. Here I am in my lovely gown, cap and booties.


Here’s the hubs trying not to smile at my ridiculous antics.


The on-call doctor (no my regular doctor) came in to say hello and confirm the procedure. He said that he was informed there are about five mature egg follicles and three others that were not a mature. He said he would attempt to get as many as “safely possible.” He said that sometimes the less mature ones can end up being mature enough.

The anesthesiologist got my IV ready. Being put under is seriously one of my favorite parts of this whole process. I told him I didn’t like the pain from inserting IVs, but I have to admit – besides one tiny poke, this didn’t hurt at all! The embryologist came in to verify who I was and the procedure he would be doing. They were all very nice. I thanked them for being willing to be awake so early in the day for me. I said, “I’m extremely tired, so you must all be tired as well. So thank you for being here.” The embryologist said he made sure to get two extra hours of sleep for today. I appreciated that – knowing that he was especially alert and ready to work miracles on our future embryos!

I joked with the staff for a bit and then felt the wave of dizziness hit me as the medication started. It’s crazy how you just go from being alert and present to…well, OUT. For those who are curious how an egg retrieval is done, this is a simple illustration found Here:


On this same site it states: “[Your doctor] will insert a speculum into your vagina and wash the area thoroughly to kill any germs. Retrieval is usually done using a vaginal ultrasound probe. A needle and separate hollow tube is attached to the probe. The doctor pushes the needle through the wall of the vagina to reach the ovaries. He uses the probe to locate the follicles containing the eggs (the probe is pressed against the vaginal wall, stretching it closer to the ovaries, but it does not tear through the wall). The needle punches a hole in the first follicle. The egg and surrounding fluid is sucked out of the follicle, through the hollow tube and into a test tube. This is repeated for each ripe follicle. The fluid collected is given to the embryologist. He will examine it under a microscope to determine how many eggs are present (he will know by the time you wake up). He will also grade the eggs according to quality. When all the follicles are empty, you will be woken up and returned to a bed to recover. The whole procedure takes about 40 minutes.”

I think my procedure was more like 20 minutes. Afterward, it takes a while to come out of it. I’m always kind of a nut when I first come out. And tired. I asked how many eggs they retrieved and they said five. I was definitely disappointed in that number, but I guess it was to be expected. They gave me my first progesterone shot in my hip. I will have to continue that nightly, through the first trimester (if I have a positive pregnancy test).

I was pretty weak after I woke up and my body just felt heavy to me. They took me out in a wheelchair once I was ready to go. I had joked about how the last time I got a donut from my doctor afterward, but I wouldn’t get one this time. (Last time he made a deal with me that if I counted to 100 before the anesthesia kicked in, he would get me a donut. I did it. I may have counted really fast, but I did it.) So the hubs said he would get me one since my doctor wasn’t on-call. Unfortunately, I was groggy and nauseated in the car and had no interest in eating it. He said that our daughter threw up while we were at the office. I felt horribly about that. She’s had this awful flu for 10 days now and pukes on and off every 2-4 days. I’m grateful her uncle was there to take care of her. However, like I said, I was so tired and feeling sick that I had no energy or consciousness to attend to anyone and just crashed right into bed.

I got a nice 3 hour nap (thanks to the hubs for taking care of the kids!) and woke up still feeling a bit nauseated and some cramping. I was able to eat some lunch and after an hour of awake time, was right back to bed for another 2.5 hour nap. I’m feeling a bit better now, but still tired and some minor internal pains. I swear, each time recovery is different for me. But I still do love the anesthesia! 😉

Now it’s off to bed for me, and I will anxiously await my call tomorrow to hear how my little embryos are doing. I’m scared with such few numbers, but I’m just trying to stay positive and have faith. Until tomorrow….


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