US #3 & 4

My ultrasound appointment on Friday was once again disappointing. My doctor said that I only had one or two follicles that were getting much bigger. He said he again wanted to see my hormone results, but thought that if they were good, we should continue and try for one or two eggs. That was a hard pill for me to swallow.

In my past two IVF cycles I got around 12-15 eggs. Even that isn’t necessarily considered a lot. There are women that easily get 20-30 or more. And once my doctor told me the most a woman had gotten in one cycle at their office was (I believe) close to 70 or 80. Of course, I don’t want that many. That just sounds like a lot of potential babies sitting around waiting to be used. But at the same time, it worries me that in the past with 12-15 I have only ended up with a couple to use for transfer, and just once did I have two extra to freeze.

I expressed my concern, and he said that often, it is the “best eggs” that come to the forefront. So even if I only end up with one or two eggs, they would likely be the very best of the bunch. A few years ago, he had discussed the option of doing a low-stimulation cycle to get just a few good eggs. Funny how now I’m (unintentionally) doing a “high-stimulation” cycle to get just those few.

I’ve never really felt very old before. I didn’t mind turning 29 or 30 or even 34. But there’s nothing like having a reality check with your fertility clock to make you feel like your body is aging more rapidly than for which you were prepared.

The hubs and I discussed it and decided that ultimately the doctor knows best. It’s hard to have that faith and trust when money (lots of it) is flying out of your hands on a daily basis. But I have to hope for the best and pray that we’ll get the results we are hoping for. By the way, my estrogen jumped up to over 125 and more than doubled from the previous time. So that’s something.

Jump up to US #4 on Monday. I continued my high dose of Bravelle over the weekend and then started Cetrotide (an ovulation suppresser) on Saturday night. (For my record, it’s a bit uncomfortable and very itchy when I inject that into my stomach.) The ultrasound showed that I have one follicle that is growing quite large and is close to being ready for harvest. However, I have about 4-5 others that are starting to grow. They’re a bit behind the one, but all around the same side. My doctor said that he would like to see how they grow and possibly forego taking the large one (which would be over-mature by the time the others catch up) in hopes of getting 4-5 others. I agreed that sounds best. He then joked that these would be the “golden eggs.” I said, “HA! No kidding.” We were surmising what the cost per pound would be for eggs after taking all of this medication. He guessed in the millions. O.O  Sheesh! Talk about expensive, microscopic eggs!

But honestly, it’s not about the money. My two children are the greatest blessing I have ever received. I love them far more than any amount of money or possessions. Which is why I do this. Because I know how amazing children are, and what it means to me to be a mom and raise these children. So bring it on! And let’s hope these golden eggs exceed their monetary value.

(Estrogen increased to over 500)

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