One, Two, or Three? What Shall it Be?

My pregnancy hormones must be kicking in full force because my dreams lately have been CRAZY. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this appointment, so obviously it’s been on my mind. A couple nights ago I had one dream that two of the embryos had split and one hadn’t, and that I was pregnant with FIVE babies. The doctor said I needed to reduce and I was horribly sad thinking about having to do that. My next dream I found I was only pregnant with one and I was sad about that too because I apparently wanted multiples. Ironically enough, I didn’t dream that there was NO child, which would truly be the saddest option. Continue reading

HCG Blood Test Results: Sweet Confirmation

After my last post, I headed out of the state for the holidays. While I was with my family, I took another pregnancy test on the day originally suggested by the nurse (9dp3dt – 10 days post day-3 transfer), but one that shows the double lines. One line was fainter than the other, but there was no mistaking that I was still most definitely pregnant. I took another two days later (because I’m that ridiculous) and the lines just kept getting darker.

The night before I was scheduled to go in for my blood draw, I got a horrible case of food poisoning (or a stomach bug of some kind). I originally set it up to go first thing in the morning in hopes of getting my results faster. Unfortunately, I was barely recovering from my night of misery and finally made it into the office around 11:30AM. After they drew my blood, I asked how soon I would get the results. They said, “24-72 hours, unless it’s ordered STAT.” I was pretty peeved at this. I called my doctor’s office to let them know I had done the blood work (as requested by the nurse so she could follow up with them) and left a message telling them about the delayed results. However, I knew that the lab was closing at 2PM, it was Christmas Eve, and it would be unlikely I would get the results before the 26th anyway. So I just bucked up and told myself to be patient. It was actually pretty easy to be patient since there was a lot going on and I already knew I was pregnant.

Come Friday morning however, I called my doctor’s office first thing. I talked with a nurse who said she’d look into it and call me back. Within five minutes, she called and said that they had my results. They look for anything over 100 and mine came back with a strong 511! I asked her what that meant in terms of the possibility of multiples. She said, “Some people say the higher the number, the more likely there are multiples. Others say the number doesn’t matter. Either way, you are definitely pregnant!” With my first pregnancy it was 168, the second was 365 and this one is 511. So who knows. But all I’m wishing for at this point is a healthy baby.

I talked to her about the ultrasound appointment. She said to schedule it for a week out. I was pretty excited that I would only have to wait one more week for my US. Sadly, however, when I called the following Monday to schedule the appt, they said that there was only one doctor in this week (not my doctor) who was doing all the procedures and they were moving all ultrasounds to the following week. So now I am scheduled to go in at 10AM on Monday morning. Three more days is not the end of the world, but I will say this: This whole process really does put into question how patient of a person you are. And I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify as patient. 😉

She said that at the ultrasound appointment they will check the embryonic sac and yolk sac. She said they might be able to see a heartbeat, but that it also might be too early. If it they don’t see a heartbeat, they will schedule me to come back in within a week or two. At this point, I will be 6w1d when I go in next Monday.

I never started feeling many pregnancy symptoms with my other two kids until I was somewhere between 6-8 weeks along. This one though has already given me some serious bouts of nausea. It comes and goes in waves, and I’m just hoping to get as much done before it hits me like a truck. But it sure is a nice reminder of the miracle inside. 🙂

Tick, tock…

The waiting is definitely the hardest part. For some reason I was delusional and thought it wouldn’t be as hard for me to wait this time. Yeah, I was wrong. I feel like every day I’m calculating where my body is at in the process and whether or not it’s reasonable for me to take an at-home pregnancy test. I’m trying SO hard to be patient. But it’s not easy. Continue reading

IVF Embryo Transfer

All day Tuesday I was feeling a bit nauseated. The day of retrieval I didn’t feel well, but Monday I was great. So I was a little concerned when I was again feeling sick on Tuesday. My biggest concern was that I was getting the same flu bug that was going around my family. I knew that if I was sick, my doctor would not be anxious to do an embryo transfer, and would want to freeze my embryos for a later date. (During my frozen transfer in June, I had a cold and he said that the chances of implantation decrease significantly if you are sick.) So I called the office just to be sure of what they wanted me to do. I spoke with the nurse who advised me that my doctor said to go ahead and come in as planned and we would assess at that time. Continue reading

Fertility Report (AKA How those eggies did)

Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long this morning before getting the call from the office regarding how my eggs did following the ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) process. Ok, before going on, let’s do another science lesson. Continue reading

Egg Retrieval

As I said in my last post, the hubs and I had to be to the office by 6:30 AM, which meant we had to leave our house by 6:00 AM. Despite attempting to get a good night’s rest, it did not happen. I think part of it was that my mind and body were so anxious for the early appointment. I woke up every hour for the first two hours and then my daughter cried, which made me jump out of bed since she’s been sick with the flu. She went back to sleep and I eventually made it there too. Within 90 minutes, my son came up and asked to sleep with me. After about 30 restless minutes next to him, I told him to go back to bed so we could both get some sleep. Sadly, at that point it was 4:45 and I was wide awake despite the burning feeling in my eyes. So I stayed up until it was time to go. Continue reading

US #5 & 6, Amazing Medicine, and Trigger Shot

Yesterday I had my fifth ultrasound. The doctor said he was actually considering having me do a trigger shot that night. My follicles had grown some from about 14mm to 16mm. I asked him why he would do it then if originally he wanted them to be around 19mm for ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection – where they surgically put the sperm inside the egg to create the embryo). He said that it is still ok to have them smaller, he just prefers them to be more mature because they have to do something to the cells on the outside (he told me and I forgot) so it’s better if they are more mature. He said it would also depend on my estrogen level and that too high of an estrogen level can compromise the uterine lining. Lastly, he also has to take into account that I have been on stimulation meds for almost 14 days (far longer than anticipated). He said that being on them for too long can compromise things and is not good for your heart, etc. I said, “So what you’re saying is…it’s not an exact science.” He said, “No. That is why they call it an art.” Continue reading

US #3 & 4

My ultrasound appointment on Friday was once again disappointing. My doctor said that I only had one or two follicles that were getting much bigger. He said he again wanted to see my hormone results, but thought that if they were good, we should continue and try for one or two eggs. That was a hard pill for me to swallow. Continue reading

US #2

I was so anxious for my appointment this morning. The doctor said that I have a number of follicles, but that they just aren’t doing much. Only a couple of them have started to grow, and all of them are under 10mm. As I recall from previous cycles, they like them to grow to at least around 18 – 20mm before triggering for harvest. So I asked him why he thought I was having problems. Continue reading

US #1, Stimulation Meds, and the Roller Coaster Begins

I’ve been meaning to do an update for a few days, and as is such with the IVF process – a lot happens in a few days. So I’ll just group it all together. Last Friday was my first appointment post starting medications. I was on birth control for the majority of this month (surprisingly I was not quite as much of a she-beast as last time, although I did have a bit of nausea) and started Lupron a couple weeks ago. Friday was my first ultrasound (US) and blood draw. The ultrasound is to check your lining and ovaries. My doctor mentioned that I had a small cyst on one of my ovaries. He said he wanted to make sure it wasn’t producing any hormones (estrogen), which would determine if we continued with this cycle or have to wait for the next month. This immediately caused concern for me, but I decided to wait patiently for the call from the nurse regarding my blood work. Continue reading